What You Can Learn From The Greatest Marketing Disaster Ever

What You Can Learn From The Greatest Marketing Disaster Ever


I bet you may have seen one of those on the shelf of your favorite store before?

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or maybe not, doesn’t matter.

what matters is what I am about to reveal to you now. its the biggest marketing mistake ever made by a fruit juice brand. it was such a disaster it cost more than 50 million dollars to fix and a lot more in losses.


keep reading and you will learn a vital lesson about marketing that would save you a ton of money in the future.

The image above belongs to the Tropicana fruit juice brand, and here is the story about how Tropicana fruit juice almost lost their brand identity.

Over the years, consumers had come to associate the Tropicana brand with the plump orange and the red-and-white straw poked into it. Thus, most consumers who are familiar with Tropicana orange juice recognize the packaging on the left.

But in 2009, Tropicana attempted to re-design their packaging for a more “modern” look (picture on the right) and launched it in stores that same year.

Guess what,

it was a HUGE DISASTER !

  • Tropicana spent $35+ million to design and advertise their newly designed orange juice packaging.
  • Consumers got confused in stores when they were looking for Tropicana orange juice cause they couldn’t recognize the new packaging.
  • Many thought the stores ran out or didn’t stock Tropicana juice anymore, while some just walked past the juice altogether without recognizing it.


Because they were probably looking for that plump orange with the red-and-white straw. Many customers who noticed the new design didn’t like it, their emotional bond to the original design,and thus the brand, was severed.

More bad news: this led to consumers flocking to competitors to buy their orange juice and many once loyal customers openly criticized the new design on social media which further reduced the brands appeal.

  • Tropicana sales quickly dropped by 20%, resulting in millions of dollars in lost revenues.
  • Tropicana renounced their new design and returned to the original packaging.

Overall, this marketing fiasco cost Tropicana a lot of time, $50+ million dollars, and diluted brand equity. Plus it helped boost the sales of their competitors.

All in 1 month.

For a fruit juice brand, this was a pretty expensive disaster.


Here are two marketing lessons we can learn from Tropicana’s marketing disaster.

  1. RESEARCH YOUR CUSTOMERS THOROUGHLY BEFORE STARTING ANY MARKETING CAMPAIGN: Many already do some research before they launch a product or campaign, but why many still fail woefully with their marketing endeavors is a lack of thorough research so as to get an accurate understanding of their customers perspective. in marketing, leave no room to assumptions, as assuming could cost millions of dollars in losses that your business may never recover from. Make sure you thoroughly research your customers before you spend a single cent on any marketing campaign OR you may be fucked over badly.
  2. IF IT AIN’T BROKEN DON’T FIX IT: i know this is pretty obvious, but you would be surprised how much is wasted by businesses everyday trying to fix something that isn’t broken. if a sales letter has proven itself and done thousands in sales don’t change it. if customers have no complains about your brand identity leave it so. only change things about your business when its absolutely necessary or when its obvious that a change is needed for your business survival.

We have come to the end lad,

thumbs up and thanks for reading.

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