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The Difference Between Assertive and Aggressive Behavior

Many struggle with exhibiting assertive behavior because they confuse assertiveness with aggressiveness. It may be especially difficult if you’ve maintained a passive personality most of your life. Now, you feel that you may hurt feelings and make enemies if you practice assertiveness. If you’ve been an aggressive personality most of your life, it may be very difficult to contain your anger and harshness when dealing with others. You want your way and may not think it can happen by stepping down a rung or two on the ladder to assertive behavior. The truth is that there is a line between both

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How to Start a Company From Scratch

If you are contemplating the idea of starting a small business, there are a variety of steps you should take first. You can either hire a business consultant or do it yourself. Hiring a consultant is very helpful because he or she can assist you in every step from start to finish. But hiring a consultant is also quite expensive. But if you do it yourself, you save money and time. First, write down your business idea or, if you are starting from scratch, outline the purpose of your new company. Decide on your product and services to offer. Decide upon

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Entrepreneur funding: 32 Places To Look For Funding This Year

Who doesn’t like free money? That’s what small business grants are, right? It could help you pay salaries, buy stock, or reach new customers. While grants are “free” in the sense that you don’t have to pay them back, they’re not handouts. You can’t just go to a website and ask for “1 small business grant please,” and expect to get one. In all cases, you need to apply for a grant, which can take a decent amount of work and effort. Then, you’re up against other small businesses that also want the grant. It’s common for even small grants to

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