Stressed about your business goals?

Stressed about your business goals?

Today I’ve got something to share with those of you who have experienced stress and struggle towards your online business goals…

Yesterday, my heart rate was between 180-191 beats per minute for over 40 mins of my 53 minute squash match (according to my fitness watch).

I had more efficient foot work, hit a bit tighter and ran a little less distance than my interclub opponent.

But I still lost.

Despite so much work on my fitness and shot play, his superior fitness and patience won out.

That’s just a small insight as to how hard it is for me to go up a grade in squash (something I’ve been working hard on for some time).

What does this have to do with achieving online business goals?

I’m saying this because I KNOW what it’s like when you reach a brick wall.

And for some of you out there, if you’ve ever worked hard at something and it hasn’t produced the results you want, I know what that feels like.

I’ve seen it in business and in other pursuits in life.

But the prize is still there, and there are other answers.

You just have to be aware, that while some things come easy in business, there’s always going to be a roadblock somewhere…

…And if you can’t see that as an opportunity for learning and growth, then it’ll put everything on pause for you.

If I don’t train hard, get more accurate, more efficient with footwork, and get fitter… Then I won’t achieve my squash goal of going up a grade (and even one more grade thereafter).

I find for all the hard work, it’s a very demoralising and low feeling when the results don’t match the efforts.

And I know that can feel that way in business too when things don’t go to plan.

But it’s very important to also remember the word YET.

As I’ve seen many times in life that things can take 3 times as long as you first think… But the prize is still there… And the goal is still achievable.

You gotta see every setback as an opportunity for learning and growth…

…And then you must adapt and learn.

…And don’t make the same mistakes twice.

Also what’s super important to realise is most people set themselves too short a timeframe to achieve their goals…

That’s great to motivate yourself to take daily action fast, but also it’s not so good if it causes undue stress and for you to hit the FREEZE button when things don’t go to plan.

Some people don’t even get started after buying a course, because they are worried about making mistakes.

But those mistakes are super important to achieving your goals. They are necessary. If you don’t make them, you don’t learn from them. If you don’t learn then it’s still a mistake waiting to happen.

A child can’t learn to walk without falling over several times. You can’t expect to be perfect.

So in short.

Set big goals, but give yourself a much more open time frame.

Work hard towards your goals but embrace the mistakes as they are part of the learning and growth.

All the online millionaires that I know (and I know over 100 personally) are VERY good at embracing problems.

The person who makes the most mistakes and adjusts and learns from them, is always more successful than those who are too scared to move forwards.

It’s an attitude thing, not a skill thing, not an ability thing.

Get comfortable with being ‘uncomfortable’.

Keep pushing forwards, spend at least an hour a day on your online business

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