How To Validate Your Business Idea In Under 3 Hours For Free

How To Validate Your Business Idea In Under 3 Hours For Free

Validating a business is hard and there are people everywhere offering different models on how to do it. Kenny Cannon has worked with over 200,000 people over the past 12 years and has been validating business ideas, both his own and his clients, since 2007.

This simple process, if followed, will show you how to validate any business idea in under 3 hours completely for free. Even better, following this process will produce paying customers for you almost instantly. Like most successful entrepreneurs, Kenny believes that you do not have a business until you have a paying customer.

It doesn’t matter how many people “raise their hand” for free information or a free sample. The question is – Are people willing to PAY for it? If the answer to that question is YES, you have a validated idea. If the answer to that question is NO, then you don’t. In this video, Kenny Cannon walks you through exactly how he gets to the YES or NO of validation in under 3 hours. Because this process is so quick, you never have to worry about “giving up” on an idea.

You can come up with simple business ideas daily (which is an exercise Kenny teaches in other videos) and try to validate it that same day. This gives people the opportunity to test ideas quickly and decide, based on real sales and income, whether they want to move forward with the idea or choose something else.

Watch the video below:

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