Getting your ideal client to know you

Getting your ideal client to know you

In this short article, I just want to go through the idea of meeting your target audience and some of the things that you need to bear in mind, before you can start to sell to them .

One important thing to realise is that you must understand users before you sell to them. Get under their skin.

The customer goes through a buying process before they buy from you.

They have to know you.

They have to let you in, and have to trust you.

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Desmond Morris, who wrote a book called The Naked Ape
, outlined some of the key steps that you need to run your users through before they buy.

He identified that there were approximately 12 steps. Checks that somebody makes before they fully trust you.

What I generally do before I go and sell to people is build something called a ‘customer persona’ or ‘avatar’.

This is a research-based summary of your user.

It’s not a good idea to second guess your prospect’s attitudes, motivations and behaviors without first doing some solid research.

Go and have a look at some online forums.

If you’ve got the budget for it, give some of your existing customers a call and find out why they liked doing business with you, and understand the main reason why they bought from you versus someone else.

You may be surprised by some of the outcomes.

If you don’t find out your buyers’ pain points, then it’s really difficult to develop an offer that’s going to be compelling enough for them to want to buy.

It is much, much easier to move someone away from pain, rather than towards pleasure.

If you can create a useful lead magnet (or piece of free content to give away), or if your product or service is exactly what that user is looking for, it will be easier to go and sell that solution to them.

To summarise, create a research-based persona/avatar, and then think about how your product or service can start to satisfy some of the problems or pains that they have.

It’s really important that you get under the skin of your users before you try and sell to them.

Keep a look out for more details on this article.

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