8 Tips on Crafting an irristable article

8 Tips on Crafting an irristable article

In this article we will see how to write an effective article in a few steps.

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We will see some secrets behind the creation of an article. At the end, we will understand how to write an effective article, and we will see the details on content and form that the article needs to please users and especially Google.

The first thing to do, even before writing, is to know who we’re writing for. It is important to know your audience to write effectively: in fact, knowing who we are talking to is important to know how to tell something and how to choose the words to use.

Every public is specific, so each article must be written exactly for the chosen public. So it is important to understand who our ideal reader is. How old is he? Is it a boy or a girl? What are their desires, fears, problems? What are they looking for online to try to solve their problems?

By answering these questions, we will write a specific article for a selected group of readers.

Secondly, keep in mind what the purpose of our article is: sell something? Let someone know? Increase subscribers to our newsletter? Whatever the purpose, the article must be the mean to achieve our goal.

How can we be sure that our article will be read in a bundle of articles promoted by search engines? The secret is to write valuable content. But that’s not enough. There are several other factors that need to be considered.

It is useless to create valuable articles if nobody reaches our site, or if the graphics on our blog make everything illegible.

Let’s see the key points to know to write an impeccable article.

First of all, we need to facilitate reading. In general, reading on screen is slower and more tiring than reading on paper, because the image on the monitor is continuously updated and the emission of light on which it is read tends to strain the eyes. For these reasons it is important that when we write, we must help the reader to orientate themselves within the text. This can be done through some tricks.

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We can:

  • Divide the text into paragraphs that are not too long, giving each one a title explanatory;
  • Use bulleted and numbered lists (which are read quickly);
  • Help reading using explanatory images, diagrams and infographics;
  • Prefer a readable font;
  • Use only one color for the text and one for the links;
  • Use bold for basic steps (not necessarily to highlight the keyword);
  • Avoid the underlined.

How long should an article be? There are those who say at least 300 words, others speak of at least 500 words, others say at least 1000 words.

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Who’s right? The truth is that there is no single rule: it depends on the type of blog, the type of article, the subject and our goals.

A real golden rule is to write what we want to communicate with the number of words we need. Generally long texts are perceived of greater value, and are well seen by Google, so they tend to have more comments and shares.

But it is important to avoid being repetitive or redundant just to reach a certain number of predetermined words. It is always better to be brief and concise rather than repetitive and boring.

That’s why it’s better to:

  • Write in a simple way using an equally simple language;
  • Insert images, tables and infographics, essential to help understand the concepts and memorize them thanks to visual memory;
  • Create tables, which helps to have an overview of values ​​and data and easily compare them;
  • Design infographics, which are useful for having a visual representation of data or information;
  • Write the articles using the correct terms: find yourself in front of an article chock full of spelling errors is very disappointing, even if the content offered is worth.

This is because carelessness appears from an ungrammatical text, ignorance and little attention to

Always re-read the text before publishing it, to correct any mistakes made during the writing.

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