5 ideas for your customer-centric strategy

5 ideas for your customer-centric strategy

5 ideas for your customer-centric strategy

What do you do for your clients? Are they always satisfied when you close a deal? Is your customer service always competent and kind? You should question these details, if you want to be a customer-centric company.

Being customer-centric is actually an expensive philosophy, but on the long run it pays back of all sacrifices!

However, customer-centric philosophy is not easy to follow: it is entirely based on a strong relationship with clients, to be forged over a long time and with some necessary steps to take.

To whom this strategy may interest their own brand, we can give five advice’s based on our experience.

1. Create a funnel

You know you did a good job with a client when they become evangelists: in a world in which word of mouth influences 74% of decision processes of a person, having allies is vital. However, having allies means you have to give them something. The best way to do so is creating a funnel that takes them closer and closer to your brand with freebies, offers, and so on.

2. Offer a custom experience

An automatic email is not customer-centric at all, but it goes without saying. What about creating a follow-up series, or more follow-up series, sent according to the action taken by the user? A good copywriter will help you make your emails more appealing to your target.

3. Focus on stories

Storytelling is important, you know that. Everything has a story: products, people, books, brands, and so on.

We now have tools and media that we did not have in the past, and thanks to them, doing storytelling is a piece of cake, but it is good to remind it to companies which forgot that.

Storytelling is probably the most powerful tool you have at your service to create that strong brand-client relationship, which is the very pillar of a customer-centric strategy.

4. Keep in mind you are speaking to people

Like we said, automatic email stopped working long time ago. The reason is evident: fifteen or twenty years ago, a brand that had a digital department and tools like automatic emails was cool, but nowadays, being automatic thing just ordinary, we are moving in the opposite direction: a more humane treatment. We prefer an email with a warm welcome message, rather than the usual catch phrase sent by a script that automatically says hello to new users.

The strength of the customer-centric approach is exactly this: dedicating human resources to other human beings. On top of giving your brand a human face, it will also develop a sense of community around your company, which soon becomes a sense of loyalty, which is the thing that transforms your clients in evangelists.

5. Give information

Don’t you like culinary products brands that publish recipes on their blog or on their Facebook page?

Of course. Why? Easy: because in that moment they are explaining you how to get the best of what you bought from them, giving more value to your experience and making you feel not abandoned after the purchase.

Yes, because a good customer-centric brand can’t just close the relationship with the sale: a strong relationship must be built even after this phase.

Sharing your knowledge is the key to reach success on this step, because knowledge is more value.

Your customer-centric approach

These were our advice on things we consider fundamental in order to take a customer-centric approach in your strategy. Do you have a different idea? What makes a brand customer-centric? Tell us your opinion!

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